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usion Radio came to life when former stations Pure Pulse Radio and Energy Internet Radio combined into one amazing dance station powerhouse. Today it's known as one of the largest commercial dance internet radio stations with localized focuses on select cities.

Introduced on June 10, 2003, as a new light to the dance culture. The goal was simple and pure: To create a permanent Dance music outlet in Chicago, while creating a world-class radio station.

September 2003- the station hosted it's first premier of Amber's exclusive interview with new material. The Amber interview was one of the first internet dance station artist interviews and a tradition that was soon to continue.

May 2004- As a leader of new dance music, Pure Pulse Radio merged the sounds of Energy Internet Radio together with Pure Pulse Radio to form Fusion Radio Chicago and Fusion TV.

January 2006- A paring produced Fusion Radio's first continuous broadcast from Circuit Nightclub in Downtown Chicago which lasted for three years.

June 2006- Fusion Radio participates in the Chicago Pride Parade and presented a live performance by billboard SMASH-HIT performing artist, Jenna Drey.

December 2006- Fusion Radio relocates it's studio to Evanston, IL and began to broadcast weekly live shows from the studio.  This was the first time FUSION went live with personalities.

MARCH 2007- Fusion Radio broadcasts live from Ontourage nightclub in Downtown Chicago with a special appearance from DJ Alex Peace.

December 31, 2007- Fusion Radio broadcasts the top 100 songs live from the studio, during a staff NYE party.

JUNE 2008- Participating in its fourth Pride Parade, Fusion Radio welcomed Jenna Drey back and Jenn Cuneta to perform live on its float.  Celebrating the station's success, FUSION was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday, June 29th. 

NOVEMBER 2008- Celebrating 5 years, Fusion Radio hosted a 5th Anniversary party at Scarlet Bar in Chicago.  The event drew fans from Texas, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.

JANUARY 2009- Fusion Radio was awarded the Pressie award for the Best Internet Dance Station.

JUNE 2009- Fusion Radio launched it's first digital album, consisting of 12 smash summer hits on Masterbeat.com

DECEMBER 2009- Celebrating the NYE, Fusion hosted it's first NYE event at Velvet Rope in Oak Park. 

FEBRUARY 2010- Fusion Radio relocates to a new studio location in Chicago, IL in Lakeview.  It also becomes the first dance internet station to have a fully-dedicated commercially housed studio location.  The station also begun working with Roscoe's brining in dance artists.

MAY 2010- Fusion Radio enters into an agreement with Comcast to launch Fusion TV On Demand in the Chicagoland market.  The new content channel will reach 1.5 million homes in the Illinois, Michigan and Indiana markets.

JUNE 2010- Fusion TV Launches in the Chicago Market. 

NOVEMBER 2010- Fusion Radio Celebrated 7 Year's with a 5 Artist Celebration at Roscoe's.  The acts included Kaci Battaglia, Wynter Gordon, Erika Jayne, Vassy and Sylvia Tosun. 

FEBRUARY 2011- Fusion Radio converts its long standing domain FusionChicago.com to FusionRadio.Fm and branches out to San Francisco, CA. 

MAY 2011- To help cover the cost of increased royalties and to secure its future and growth, Fusion Radio contracts with a third party representative to sell commercial advertising spots.   

JUNE 2011- Fusion Radio participates in its first San Francisco Pride Festival, which is attended by 1.5 million spectators. 

MARCH 2012- Fusion interviews then-upcoming artist, The Wanted at Roscoe's, it's venue partner which was credited by Billboard Magazine as a key to "breaking out".   Fusion Radio's parent company Pure Pulse Media, spins off Fusion Radio & Pop Fusion to form the Fusion Communications Corporation.

JUNE 2012- Fusion Radio launches the Fusion.FM Network in conjunction with The Pure Mix.   The network is a collection of internet stations that forces on quantity programming. 

AUGUST 2012- Fusion Radio partners with Pioneer Corporation on a new internet radio initiative.    Fusion Radio is awarded Promo Only's  Best Internet Station at the 2012 Promo Only Summer Session in Atlantic City, NJ.   

OCTOBER 2012- Fusion Radio participates in it's first Southern Pride Event, Atlanta Pride, which is the South's largest pride festival.   

MAY 2013- Fusion Radio broadcasts from Talbott Street, an Indianapolis, Indiana venue.

JUNE 2013- Celebrating it's 10th Anniversary, Fusion Radio embarked on a multiple city pride tour.  The tour took the station to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.   The tour will wrap up in November with Palm Springs.

AUGUST 2013- Fusion Radio is awarded Promo Only's Best Internet Station at the 2013 Promo Only Summer Sessions in Atlantic City, NJ for the second year in a row.   The station also becomes a DJ Times reporting station. 

SEPTEMBER 2013Longtime Fusion Radio host, Dave Tripper passed away at age 47.   Dave, was the first onair host for Fusion Radio and broadcasted his show as DJ Z with the Megadance Countdown from 2003--2004 and later the popular Dave Tripper Live "DTL" show from 2006 to 2011.

MARCH 2014-  Fusion Radio along with NotableDance.com hosted a signature event at Mova Miami lounge featuring over 15 artist performances and the only vocal artist event during WMC (Winter Music Conference), named "VideoTron"

AUGUST 2014-  With the expanding network of stations under Fusion Radio, it's signature dance station is rebranded Fusion Dance.  Fusion Radio now include multiple stations.

SEPTEMBER 2014- After a short break Fusion Radio returns to Roscoe' s in Chicago and create a monthly event based off its signature "VideoTron" series.   

Today, Fusion Radio continues to grow capturing the eye of the dance music industry. With nearly 1.9 million tune-ins, Fusion ranks as the 2nd largest commercial internet dance station on the web and runs a leading dance music website.

Fusion Radio is broadcasted from Chicago, IL in the United States

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